Giveaway Policy

I love doing giveaways, if you haven't been able to tell! It's just a good feeling to give away a book. :) But, that being said I do have to make some rules otherwise it could get chaotic! ;)

1) Please read all of the rules on the giveaway post before entering. Most of my giveaways are international and only last for a week but please make sure you read any rules I post before you enter. (Shipping restrictions, Length of the contest, Extra entries, etc.)

2) Winners are almost always chosen randomly. If for some reason I'm not choosing randomly, it will be stated on the blog post.

3) Winners are always emailed and announced on my blog. They will (most of the time) have 72 hours to respond to the e-mail with mailing information, otherwise I'm sorry, I will chose a new winner. With this, I will sometimes ask for the address on the giveaway form so I can avoid having to put a time restraint on it. Which takes us into number four...

4) Any personal information submitted to Google Forms for contests will be deleted once the winners have responded and I have obtained their shipping details, etc.

5) I almost always send the winnings via Media Mail with Delivery Confirmation (US) or International First Class (Int). But, I am not responsible for any items that get lost in the mail. Sorry if that happens (it has happened to me before and it's no fun!).

So thank you for reading and understanding! :) Now go win some books!