Thursday, August 1, 2019

Review - Storm and Fury by: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Eighteen-year-old Trinity Marrow may be going blind, but she can see and communicate with ghosts and spirits. Her unique gift is part of a secret so dangerous that she’s been in hiding for years in an isolated compound fiercely guarded by Wardens—gargoyle shape-shifters who protect humankind from demons. If the demons discover the truth about Trinity, they’ll devour her, flesh and bone, to enhance their own powers.

When Wardens from another clan arrive with disturbing reports that something out there is killing both demons and Wardens, Trinity’s safe world implodes. Not the least because one of the outsiders is the most annoying and fascinating person she’s ever met. Zayne has secrets of his own that will upend her world yet again—but working together becomes imperative once demons breach the compound and Trinity’s secret comes to light. To save her family and maybe the world, she’ll have to put her trust in Zayne. But all bets are off as a supernatural war is unleashed…

When I started reading Storm and Fury my best friend goes, “Man you love her” and OH man I really, really do.  Jennifer L Armentrout never has a shortage on adventure, angst, romance, family and everything in between. This story is absolutely no exception and I loved every moment.

Zayne is back and he is everything I expected and more. Even though in The Dark Elements series I was Team Roth, I am so excited to see Zayne. He is fierce, tough, loyal and I couldn’t get enough of him. Him and Trinity are literally one of the strongest duos out there and I adored watching their interactions... especially when Roth was involved.

I am really excited to see where JLA takes this series as some things have definitely gotten complicated... and I couldn't love it any more!

- 4 out of 5 Splatters - 

Review - Soul of the Sword by: Julie Kagawa

Synopsis: One thousand years ago, a wish was made to the Harbinger of Change and a sword of rage and lightning was forged. Kamigoroshi. The Godslayer. It had one task: to seal away the powerful demon Hakaimono.

Now he has broken free.

Kitsune shapeshifter Yumeko has one task: to take her piece of the ancient and powerful scroll to the Steel Feather temple in order to prevent the summoning of the Harbinger of Change, the great Kami Dragon who will grant one wish to whomever holds the Scroll of a Thousand Prayers. But she has a new enemy now. The demon Hakaimono, who for centuries was trapped in a cursed sword, has escaped and possessed the boy she thought would protect her, Kage Tatsumi of the Shadow Clan.

Hakaimono has done the unthinkable and joined forces with the Master of Demons in order to break the curse of the sword and set himself free. To overthrow the empire and cover the land in darkness, they need one thing: the Scroll of a Thousand Prayers. As the paths of Yumeko and the possessed Tatsumi cross once again, the entire empire will be thrown into chaos.

Soul of the Sword was even better than the first book in my opinion. Like the first one, it had a long journey and it was a fiery beast. I was so happy to see all of the characters we love back and growing stronger than before.

I loved the character development we get to see in this second installment. I thought Yumeko still sounded very naive throughout most of the book. At the end she seems to grow immensely and I was happy to see it. Also, I was very happy with Tatsumi’s end-game in this. It was unexpected, but I’m super curious to see how it plays out in book three.

We also get to see more of the world and empire which is always super fascinating. I loved getting to see more of the shadow clan and how mysterious and sneaky they actually are. I would even mind a spin-off of a character growing up in that clan. It would be dark and absolutely entrancing.

Overall, I am SO happy with where this story is going. Julie Kagawa continues to slay the fantasy world, and I cannot wait to read the next installment!

- 4 out of 5 Splatters -