Thursday, October 4, 2012

Character Casting: Phoenix - Elijah

So, I admit after seeing the new synopsis, I was slightly angry about new characters and Ash and Natalie possibly being pushing into other characters arms (a certain rude beeyotch came to mind from the first book). BUT with that being said... after seeing this character casting for Elijah and how cute it seems like he's going to be... I CANNOT WAIT  to read more about him!!


Name: Elijah Theroux
Age:  16
Height: 5ft 9
Species: Bastet
Likes:  Taking cat naps, fishing, cooking, winding up Ash, reading poetry, riding horses
Hates:  Getting up early, cold weather, birds, his brother Marcel  

Quote: I rub my eyes. “It’s rude to watch someone sleeping, you know?”“I was bored and you talk in your sleep,” Elijah says.I blush, wondering what I’d said.“Don’t worry, it wasn’t anything rude, unfortunately for me,” he says.

(Natalie and Elijah, Phoenix – A Black City Novel, Book #2, June 2013)

Who would play him in a movie: Douglas Booth

Helllllloooo gorgeous. ;)


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