Thursday, March 15, 2012


Hey everyone!! Quick little update!

1) I'm sorry I haven't been posting every day like normal. I feel like I work all the time (and I really do. I work almost every single day of the week including weekends). And, I have classes, so I've just been extremely slow in the reading department because I've been so tired. I'm sorry! :(

2) The winners to my 1300 followers giveaway will be up soon! Most likely tonight or tomorrow.

3) I went to see Ally Carter & Rachel Hawkins last night! They are hilarious and funny. So post about that will be coming up soon + a giveaway!

4) I love you all.

5) Did I mention I really miss you all and love all you blog readers lots? Okay, well I do! :)

Talk to you all soon!


  1. And we miss you too!! :) You are meeting lots of authors lately, so lucky! Rachel Hawkins?! *dies* I loooooved Hex Hall, haven't read Demonglass.

    You should rest!! For a week LOL <3

  2. Awh, no need to apologize! Take a break girl! You've been posting like crazy so it's alright, we understand! <333

    Love you girl! Take a breather! :)

  3. Oh don't worry for us, you deserved a break, please rest and read and we wil be patient
    your studies first

  4. Now I sound like a selfish Witch! lol Yes, we miss you but your studies first, also a break. :) We understand. xx


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