Monday, January 23, 2012

Teaser Tuesday #37

So I'm currently reading Halflings and I'm enjoying it so far!! So here's a quick teaser for you all! :)


Slipping behind her, he caught her weight. He noticed her scent as he lowered her gently -- clean and alive like flowers sprinkled on the wind. Her fear blended with and only intensified the sweet smell. Strands of hair pressed against her forehead where her helmet held them in place, trapped like butterflies under glass. Before he had her all the way to the ground, he unfastened the strap beneath her chin, needing to see all of her features.
A blanket of silky, dark hair covered his legs once he knelt down. A breeze blew across her, setting the butterflies free and allowing long strands to dance slowly in the current of air. Her eyes fluttered open, dark lashes framing irises of warm honey.
"I know you," she whispered then passed out again.
- eARC


Hope you liked! :)


  1. Hey, I'm reading this too! Glad that you're enjoying it! Haha, it's rather lukewarm to me though.:/

    But I'm rather intrigued by the "Lost Boys". Hahaha. Great teaser!

  2. Oh wow! That teaser was just awesome. I really want to read this one! Thanks for sharing Jena <3 *adds to lists*

  3. That's a really great teaser. I wasn't decided about whether I would read this one or not, but I think I might just because of this teaser. Thanks for sharing!

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