Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Teaser Tuesday #35

So, if you've read my review today you know how much I LOVED LOVED LOVED Article 5. If you haven't read it... you can find it HERE. But any who, today's teaser tuesday will be from Article 5! Enjoy :)


Chase was back. And, I soon found, frantic.
He bolted into the room, nearly knocking the door off its hinges, and slammed off the valve. His eyes darted wildly behind me.
"What --"
Without a word of explanation he jammed us both inside the closet and jerked the door closed behind him. I became acutely aware of the sound of his breathing, of the feel of his chest pumping in and out and pulling me with it. Of the truth: We were in imminent danger.
It was a tiny space, barely large enough for us to stand. The shelves holding the towels cut into my knees and hips, but he still managed to wrap himself around my body. One hand was firmly latched over my mouth. When I automatically bit down, I could taste the salt from the sweat on his fingers.
The adrenaline was pouring off of him. My own heartbeat accelerated to meet his.
"Hello?" a man's voice called from the kitchen. I went stiff in Chase's grip. He held me tight against him, angling his side and back towards our exit.
"Don't answer," he breathed into my ear.
- ARC pg 197


GODS this book is nothing short of amazing. Make sure you all go and check this out when it's released!!


  1. eeeeeep I'm so excited to read this one!!!! It looks amazing! Great teaser :))

    Anna @ Literary Exploration

  2. Wooow great teaser!! I love it! Can't wait for this book to come out!! :) :)

  3. I can't wait to read this one! Thanks for the teaser:)

    Here's my Teaser Tuesday. Happy Reading! Jen @ A Reader's Journey

  4. Ooooo I think I might like this one. Thanks for sharing.

    My Tuesday Teaser



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