Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Top 10 Book Covers of 2011


I am a HUGE fan of photography. And book covers are just that. So picking just 10 favorites of 2011 will definitely be tough! But here it goes.


The following ALMOST made it...


All these covers pull me for different reasons. Some are beautiful, some have amazingly sexy fellas on it, some are creepy, some are beautiful photography shots, the creativeness, some I love the colors, other go perfectly with the story that is inside its pages. Whatever the reason, I loved these covers! How about you?


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  2. Ooooo, Fateful and Everblue are amazing! :) Great list, Jena!

    You can check out my top ten book covers post here!


  3. I love your list. The ones for Anna Dressed in Blood and Wither are definitely two of my favorites.
    Come to think of it, I also like the ones for Fateful and Across the Universe.

    But I think my favorite this year is definitely the one for Shattered Souls. Oh and I also like the ones for the Soul Screamers omnibus and Divergent.

  4. Great choices! I so agree with the first two and Slice of Cherry! Love them all.

  5. DUDE! That cover for Fateful is ten million times more amazing then the blue one! I want to own this one!

    Across the Universe- Yep. Simply stunning, i've always loved that cover!

    CLARITY! i like Clarity's original cover so much more than the new one! That was a great book, can't wait for the shmequel!

    AND ANNA!! Anna's cover is bomb as eff! Love it so much. I want to marry it. BLOOD! <3


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