Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cover Love #23

Scorched Skies (Fire Spirits #2)
By: Samantha Young

Expected Release Date: February 21st, 2012

Synopsis: FEAR THE HEAT…

Ari’s life has irrevocably changed. Her time is split between dodging the political machinations of the terrifying Sultan Jinn and The White King, reining in Charlie who has been granted a wish that could destroy him, and trying to navigate the choppy waters of her now very complicated relationship with guardian Jinn, Jai.

All of that fades in comparison, however, when heartbreak once again seeks out Ari and she realizes she can no longer avoid her connection to the Jinn world. Instead she must stand and face it head on.

Especially now a formidable sorcerer has discovered her existence.

To save not only herself, but the rest of the Jinn world, Ari will have to team up with The Guild of hunters to track the sorcerer down… before he finds her, takes her, and bleeds the power of the Seal from her to hold all at his command.


Sneak Thievery (The Fade #2)
By: Samantha Young

Expected Release Date: April 27th, 2012

Synopsis: L is surprised by how much she enjoys the transformation from mountain girl to a lady of Silvera. With a strong sense of self, she’s adamant that learning proper conduct, and how to speak and dress well, will provide her with a brighter future. She refuses, however, to give up her practical or straightforward nature. Or her crossbow.

When L meets Fane, a soldier in the Royal Guard, all she sees is a smart-mouthed, straight talking young man who seems to understand her. L thinks nothing of befriending him.

But Fane is not who he appears to be. Fane is a spy. And when war ships arrive on the coast of Silvera carrying Fane’s ruler, a mage more powerful than any of them could ever imagine, Phaedra is plunged into darkness as an old legend proves true.

Reeling from the betrayal, L shrugs off the new her and pulls on the old.

It seems once more… she and Rogan have a princess to save.


Aren't both of these covers gorgeous?! I absolutely love Samantha's covers and books! I am so flipping excited for both of these sequels I cannot even tell you! Especially Scorched Skies I fell in love with all the characters in Smokeless Fire and I'm dying to see where they go next! What do you think?


  1. Oh hot daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! Those covers *are* hot! WOW, *goes back and stares some more* Oooh, SO adding to Goodreads!

    *wipes drools* Shoot, I've made a mess of an ocean now. *cleans mess* ;)

  2. I LOVE the cover of Scorched Skies. I just read Smokeless Fire so now I am dying to get my hands on the next book. Sneak Thievery's cover is also really gorgeous.
    Nice picks, both are really stunning.

  3. Thanks for the cover love! :-)
    P.S. The hot guy in Scorched Skies is Charlie :-p

  4. Wow! the story was just amazing. It's very worth reading for. Nice blog by the way.


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