Monday, November 28, 2011


So, if you haven't realized yet... I'm a HUGE SUPER OBSESSED HUGE ... did I mention HUGE...  Jennifer L. Armentrout fan. Now.... over at YA-Sisterhood, the YA Heroine Tourney is beginning and of course I'm in HUGE support of ALEX :).

You can head over to her advocate's blog... Momo @ BOOKS OVER BOYS, to read more about it! And help us support her! Momo also has CODES on her blog for the photos if you'd prefer a code instead. :)

But, here are the buttons I've made so far, if you'd like to rock one! We'd really appreciate it! And, we'd also REALLY appreciate if you'd vote for Alex on December 12th!!! :)

VOTE FOR ALEX.... or we will sick Daimons on you. ;)


  1. Oh my gosh Jena! You freakin' rockstar! I LOVE these! I'm going to upload them and get the codes for them and I'll have the codes on my blog!

    Seriously girl, THANK YOU SO MUCH! <3


  2. HOLY PRETTY!!! Did you make those buttons yourself, Jenna?? They're all so gorgeous! I'm SUPER glad you're the one representing Alex in the tourney because she's just incredibly awesome and now I know she's in good hands! ;)

    Am I voting for her? DEFINITELY! :) I can't wait!

  3. ^^LOL or at least representing her with awesome buttons! x) Because that counts as awesomeness, right??

  4. Oh god, I'm a moron. Seriously. I read through every word of your post and still nothing clicked. I went to the YA Sisterhood blog and searched for a HERO tourney, but found nothing. Came back. Frowned at Jena because she's an odd, odd girl who must have confused herself. And then realised Alex is not AIDEN. D'OH!!!!

    I blame tiredness, not stupidity. I love you, Aiden, I do! I just confused you for the girl you want to get hot and heavy with. ANYWAY. GAH. Why is that Heroine Tourney so full of AWESOME HEROINES?! I don't know who to vote for!!! I love so many. This is going to be hard.

    Also: your buttons ROCK!

  5. Thank you girls!!!! :)

    And yes, these are all the button I've made. There are others on Momo's blog as well! :)

    And I love Alex too much to not help support her! :)

    And BRODIE hahahahaahahahh <3 I heart you.


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