Friday, November 18, 2011

A little update!

Hey everyone, Jena here!

I'm currently at my boy's house and using his computer, so I figured I'd update you all on why my blog seems to be "lacking" right now.

Last Saturday night when I went to turn on my computer well it wouldn't start up, so I ran over to Best Buy and spend $200 for tech support and then left it with Best Buy. I literally just got a call from them, telling me I had 140 viruses. O_O BUT that I will have my computer back tomorrow morning!!!

I AM SO HAPPY. I mean... yes, I have books. Yes, I have an iphone. Yes, I have a TV. But, I couldn't do any blog work. I couldn't sync any of my ebooks to my phone to read. I couldn't blare my music on my itunes. Didn't have any of my saved files or photos. ESSSH.

Anywho, the blog should be back up to normal speed next week! Thank you all for baring with me. I love you all! :)


  1. 140! :o Damn. Glad you could get it fixed.

  2. so glad to hear, I read your blog everyday and it is a fav!

  3. Holy crap, 140?! What have you been doing on that poor, tortured laptop? LOL. I am so happy you will have it back soon!! What am I supposed to do without my daily Jena fix? The threat of being apprehended by authorities for excessive stalking is kinda thrilling, I need that rush of fear!

  4. hahaha minions are the best!! Love that movie.

    I'm glad you have your laptop back :) I agree with Brodie "Jena Fix" haha.


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