Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Teaser Tuesday

So, recently, thank you to the amazing Jennifer L. Armentrout and Entangled Publishing... I got to read Obsidian. And it was fan-freaking-tastic, if you'd like to read my review you can do that HERE. Otherwise, I thought I'd tease you a little bit. So, enjoy... :)


He paused, his smug grin turning wicked as his eyes met mine. "We could always have sex. I hear that uses up a lot of energy."
- eArc pg 249

HAHAHAAH... who hates me? Okay hahah sorry about that, but I love that scene. ;) 

Have a great day every one! :)


  1. Oh dear, that was good!!! I want that book!!!!

  2. Great teaser! I'll definitely be getting this book when it comes out :)

  3. LOL OOOHHHH, RATED, Jena, rated! Cool teaser!

    Here's my teaser: http://abookaliciousstory.blogspot.com/2011/10/teaser-tuesday-3-iron-fey-special.html

  4. Now that guy has a big ego. Great teaser.

  5. YOU SUCK.

    THE END.

    Okay, I still have more to say. You TOTALLY suck :P I have plenty of energy to use if you're looking, Daemon!

  6. LOL!!!!

    I'm SO excited to read this book! I just love the whole idea that Katy's a book blogger (because I can relate) and that Daemon is an ALIEN (because it honestly doesn't get any cooler than that). Plus, I LOVED Half-Blood and I have really high hopes for this one!

    Hilarious teaser, Jena! :)

  7. Um WOW! Nice teaser.

    Here's mine: http://www.stuckinbooks.com/2011/10/teaser-tuesday-10-11-11.html


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