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Smokeless Fire by: Samantha Young

Synopsis: For the last two years Ari’s life has been anything but normal and on her 18th birthday, when her friends surprise her with a gimmick genie claiming to grant wishes, Ari discovers the truth. The tragic and strange occurrences surrounding her 16th birthday were not coincidental and her life is never going to be the same again.

Ari’s real parents are not normal. They are not loving. They are not human.

They are myth.

They are Smokeless Fire.

They are Jinn. 


Thoughts: If you don't know Samantha Young, well you better learn about her and her books. Smokeless Fire blew me away. With a completely new and unique concept, this book will have you flying through the pages until you're finished.

We start out with Ari, who basically lives alone. She never knew her mother and her father travels for work constantly. She has a few close friends she talks to, but her best friend, the one she truly cares about is Charlie. But, after the death of his younger brother, Charlie has been distant and a completely different person. Then Ari finds out a shocking secret, her true parents are Jinn and she is extremely powerful. Because of this, she ends up with Jai, her new 24/7 body guard. With two hotties at her side and a world she didn't even knew existed, Ari is thrown into an adventure she could have never imagined.

Let me start of by saying, I started this book in the afternoon and finished it that same night. I couldn't stop. I could not put it down. It seems like I couldn't flip the pages fast enough. Jinn is a concept I really didn't know much about or have ever read about, so it intrigued me so much to learn something new while reading a story I was incredibly enjoying. Smokeless Fire touches on so many real and raw issues and emotions, shows so many real things, yet there's still the fantasy side to it.

Ari is the all-around protagonist I couldn't help but love reading about. When she felt alone, I felt alone. When she laughed, I laughed. When her heart was sinking into her stomach, mine did as well. When she triumphed, so did I. I just felt so connected to Ari and related to her so much. What she deals with, with Charlie I felt like it slammed right into my gut. I've been there. I'm sometimes still there. I loved watching her come into her heritage, and enjoying the ride. And, I loved her interactions with Charlie and Jai... hoping for even more of those in the future ;).

I was so rooting for Charlie. For some reason I'm drawn to the boys that needed to be helped. The ones where you need to swoop in, pick them up off their troubles, and save them. And Charlie was that adorable misguided hottie, that I so wanted to save. My heart ached for him, and I just wanted to hug him but still at other times I wanted to kick him in the shin. Then, there's Jai. Another sexy boy, who understand where Ari is coming from and relates to her. He's older than Ari, so protective, yet witty and I just wish he would let himself have something he wants for once! So now... team wise, right? Usually my loyalties are clearly determined but with this book, I find myself unsure and that makes me love Samantha Young even more for doing this to my heart! For the first half of the book, I admit I was completely Team Charlie, but then Jai started weaving his ways into me, and I believed he was the perfect guy for Ari. I honestly love both boys, but I think for now I'm going to slightly lean towards Team Jai. As much as I love Charlie, I think Jai may be the better guy for Ari.

I honestly cannot wait for book 2. Smokeless Fire is unique, exciting, yet so real. This book has just enough fantasy, just enough real world, just enough love triangle, just enough strength, just enough laughs. I couldn't put it down and Samantha has definitely found herself a new fan.


- 5 stars out of 5 -


  1. Oh my gosh, this book sounds SO GOOD! I'm a girl with a weakness for amazingly unique books, and your review makes me positive that Smokeless Fire fits the criteria! :)

    And I love it when it's hard to choose between the two love interests! It's so much more fun to read than just having the obvious choice!

    Awesome review, Jena! I'm definitely adding this on to my TBR list! :)

  2. Ha, we did feel so much the same way. I was Team Charlie for the first half then went Team Jai. But I'm more sold on Jai because of... well, you know... But I was rooting for Charlie and he kind of breaks my heart a little.

    Oh what did he do?!?

    I couldn't put this down, either. I wasn't able to read it early enough and then got sick, but as soon as I got past the intros I was glued to this book. It happens that way with me for every single story of Samantha Young's that I read.

    I'm like a neurotic super-fan. So glad you loved this book!

    And an awesome review!

  3. Wonderful review, I can't wait to find out more about this book... I hadn't even heard of it! I'm only vaguely familiar with the Jinn, but I really appreciate books that dig a little deeper into unique ideas and mythology.

    I'm really glad you shared this and that you liked it, because I can add it to my list now :)

    Brenna from Esther's Ever After


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