Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Teaser Tuesday

This week comes from Cold Kiss by: Amy Garvey (Review Here). This is a bittersweet story that I really enjoyed. Two teasers...The first one: a part I liked way too much. And, the second is well, what you would call a teaser.


"Let me go."
Three simple words, and yet they stand for everything I haven't been able to do since he died. Grief and regret flood through me, and it's like trying to walk away from the wind - I can't escape it, so I let it slam into me instead.


I love those lines so, so, so much. God, aren't they just so perfect? Ugh.


 I don't even move when Danny turns and finally sees me again, the storm of memories clearing and simple horror replacing them. For a moment that seems as fragile and weightless as a soap bubble, he just stares as I stand there, my hands clenched, tears streaming.
Then he charges.



  1. I EFFIN' LOVED THIS BOOK. I wanted to cry so hard. The last chapter KILLED. MY. SOUL. I need to buy it and reread. Gah! Perfect teasers Jena! As always you are incredible! AMAZING CHOICES.

    "...as fragile and weightless as a soap bubble." <3 i love that simile. <3 <3

  2. I loved Cold Kiss! I was crying for days. You chose awesome teasers. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh man, you TEASE JENA! Love the teasers!! Gosh, I need this book asap, between this and your review... I love it already <3

  4. oh wow...teasers are torture but I read them anyway, can't help it.
    This sounds like a heart breaking book and I'm such a cry baby haha but I want to read it anyway.


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