Friday, September 23, 2011


Okay. WOW. WOW. WOW. Now see, this book is one of my all time favorite books. And i'm not just raving about this trailer because of it. Honestly, this trailer is one of the BEST book trailers I've ever seen. I LOVE Mara. I LOOOOOOVE Noah. SEXYNESS. I love the black & white. I love the music. I love the voice over. It's ALL SO PERFECT. I love the candles. Okay... don't know what I'm raving about? ...See for yourself.

RIGHT?! SEE! Am I right?! Isn't this trailer AMAZING?! I'm going to watch it 20 billion more times. But if you love it as much as I do....

1) Tweet at Michelle Hodkin and tell her. TWEET HER!
2) Go to her website for a contest!! HERE!
3) Or, you can go stalk the page and read more about it: HERE!

I CANNOT WAIT to read this book again once I get my finished copy. EEEEK :D

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  1. I LOVE THIS TRAILER! It's so well done and makes me want to go read Mara, like RIGHT NOW. but sadly I must study for hours and hours lol.


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