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Cross My Heart by: Katie Klein

Synopsis: True love can blossom in unexpected places. This is Jaden pretending not to notice. . . .

Jaden McEntyre and Parker Whalen are a wrong fit from the start. Jaden is driven and focused, Harvard Med School within reach. Parker has a past-a reputation-and the rumors about his mysterious habits abound. So there's no reason why, when they're assigned to work together on a project in English, they should discover they have anything in common, or even like each other, and they definitely shouldn't be falling in love.

As they bond over Edith Wharton's tragic novella, Ethan Frome, the "bad boy" vibe Parker plays begins to dissipate. Soon, Jaden finds herself shedding her own "good girl" image: sneaking around to be with him, confiding in him, and ultimately falling hard for this leather-wearing, motorcycle-driving loner who plays into the rebel stereotype.

Still, Jaden can't shake the feeling that there's more to Parker than he's letting on. He's hiding something from her, and discovering the truth means reconciling the Parker she's grown to love with the person he really is. Because it's possible that his life inside the classroom-everything Jaden knows-is one, massive lie

Thoughts: Cross My Heart is a charming story that will in no doubt warm your heart and have you hanging onto every page.

Jaden is the ultimate good girl. Everyone loves her. She does all her work, applied to Harvard, has a hot boyfriend, and seems to be perfect. That all comes crashing down when she is paired with Parker Whalen for an English project. Parker is the quiet, brooding type that seems to do things on his own and he likes it that way. He doesn't want to let anyone in and it seems Jaden is getting under his skin. When these two start to peel back each others layers, Jaden begins to realize that Parker is hiding something and even worse, that she's falling for him.

I really adored this book. I love the fact that Jaden has two brothers like myself, and they are two brothers that look out for her. Also, that sometimes the pressure to be perfect is too much to bear and one person shouldn't have to carry all that responsibility. You need to be able to chose what is best for you, not what is best for others. Another thing I loved was the whole "love aspect" and how can you tell if you truly love someone or if it's just convenient. That point hit home with me so hard, I wanted to hug Katie Klein for throwing it in there.

Also, the characters. Jaden is the girl you loved to hate in high school. She's seems like the all around perfect girl who has everything, but on the inside there is a girl that is slowly breaking. A girl who needs to find herself. And Jaden, surely does. Parker on the other hand is quiet yet outspoken, good-looking, and smart. And HELLO he drives a blue and silver sports bike... how hot is that?! I loved reading the parts with these two together. The bantering, the fun, the secret meetings... Cross My Heart couldn't be a better title!

I have to admit, there is a huge twist at the end of this story and you know what it actually made me love Parker even more. It also made me love Jaden and her family even more. The twist was intense and so perfect for the story. I really, really enjoyed this book and for the price you can't beat it!! Cross My Heart is a quick, fun read and I'm sure if you get it, you will love it! Five stars out of Five. :)

- 5 out of 5 stars -


  1. THANK YOU for putting this on my radar, I haven't heard of it before but I'm loving the sound of it! I'm such a sucker for the 'bad boy' / good girl love stories. And when the bad boy isn't really so bad when you peel back the layers :) So curious about this twist with Parker at the end too. Thank you for the fantabulous review :D

  2. I definitely hadn't heard of this one before, but I definitely am going to check it out now :)

  3. yet another book that needs adding to my to-read list!!

  4. We definitely have the same taste!!! Great review.
    Yet another book I've read, reviewed and LOVE.
    Cross My Heart Review
    Katie was kind enough to provide me w/ a quote on what reading means to her. You'll find it on my "author" page. Two recs for you: Linda Kage - The Stillburrow Crush and Natalie Palmer - Second Kiss.
    _yay_ @ BookthatThing


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