Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teaser Tuesday

This week will come from Anna Dressed In Blood. This book was PHENOMENAL. Review will be posted tomorrow! Enjoy...

She's coming closer. My eyes are drifting shut, but I can hear her movements whisper through the air. I can hear each fat drop of blood strike the floor.
I open my eyes. She's standing above me, the goddess of death, black lips and cold hands.
"Anna." My mouth curls into a weak smile.

Creepy? Yes.
Absolutely beautiful writing? YES.
Love it? Of, course!

Let me know what you think! :)


  1. I think.... that Anna is fucking amazing! Goddess of death, could that description be any more brilliant?

    Annndd Cas is a total sex pot. Yeah, this book is pretty much bomb.

  2. Wow! I really want to read this book! Putting it on my TBR right now!

    My TT

    Kristin @ Better Read Than Dead

  3. Okay, I have to read this book. It sounds freaking awesome!

  4. You are driving me nuts with this teaser. I want to read this book so bad. Thanks for sharing some of it. Looking forward to reading your review.

  5. Geez!! That is creepy but awesome haha

  6. Whoa. I WANT THIS BOOK SO BADLY. That teaser made me want it TEN TIMES MORE BADLY. Um, hurry up with your review already, please! :P

    I *think* I'm getting a copy of this soon, please don't disappoint me, Mr. Postman!


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