Saturday, August 6, 2011

Epic Fail Giveaway! (International)

So I'm having this giveaway on a whim. Why you ask? Well... let me tell you why!

I read an ARC of this book a while ago (thanks to my girl Alexis!) and I absolutely adored it! It is a fun, cute, and quick read... and I'm sure ladies and even gents, you will want your own Derek afterwards! :) Also, this book just came out this past Tuesday and I feel like it's not getting the recognition it should be. And if you don't know what it is about here's a description...

Synopsis: Will Elise’s love life be an epic win or an epic fail?

At Coral Tree Prep in Los Angeles, who your parents are can make or break you. Case in point: As the son of Hollywood royalty, Derek Edwards is pretty much prince of the school—not that he deigns to acknowledge many of his loyal subjects.

As the daughter of the new principal, Elise Benton isn’t exactly on everyone’s must-sit-next-to-at-lunch list.

When Elise’s beautiful sister catches the eye of the prince’s best friend, Elise gets to spend a lot of time with Derek, making her the envy of every girl on campus. Except she refuses to fall for any of his rare smiles and instead warms up to his enemy, the surprisingly charming social outcast Webster Grant. But in this hilarious tale of fitting in and flirting, not all snubs are undeserved, not all celebrity brats are bratty, and pride and prejudice can get in the way of true love for only so long.

So..... you're darn right I'm going to give it away. Ohhh.... but nope not just one. There will be TWO copies up for grabs. So that means TWO winners.

EDIT: Look what I bought! :)

*Two winners! The giveaway will last for one week. The contest will close August 13th @ Midnight (EST) and I'll pick a winner on August 14th.

- There are no requirements.
- If you want extra entries there are ways to earn them!
- International
- You must be 13 years or older.
- Winner will be chosen randomly.

Just fill out THIS FORM. And good luck! :)


  1. I haven't really heard much about this book, but it sounds like a fun read! Thanks for the giveaway.


    Love your blog design.

  3. haven't heard much about it, but sounds good. Thanks for the chance to win. :D

  4. This book sounds so good. Thanks for the giveaway!! :D

  5. Thank you everyone!! :D

    And I'm glad it sounds good to you all! :) <33

  6. Hi, I'm a new follower! I just entered this giveaway, it's amazing! I love your blog design, too, and I'm following you on Twitter now :D

  7. Thanks for the great giveaway!!!

  8. I've heard this book is really amazing, thanks for the chance and making it fingers, toes and everything crossed :D

  9. Thanks for the giveaway this books looks great! : )

  10. ooh that picture is new!! aww I want one!! just one ^_^

  11. REALLY want to read this! I'm a sucker for any adaptation of the P&P story line! Thanks for the giveaway!


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