Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Teaser Tuesday

This week comes from the lovely "Lola and The Boy Next Door" by Stephanie Perkins. I absolutely LOVED and ADORED this book. It's just as good or better than Anna and The French Kiss!! And I'm basically in love with Cricket Bell :). So enjoy...


"I know. And I couldn't wait any longer, I have to tell you - "
The panic rises, and I grip the French band tighter. "Cricket, please -"
But his words pour forth in a torrent. "I can't stop thinking about you, and I'm not the guy I used to be, I've changed -"
"Cricket -" I look back up, feeling faint.
His blue eyes are bright. Sincere. Desperate. "Go out with me tonight. Tomorrow night, every ni -" The words cut off in his throat as he sees something behind me.
Cigarettes and spearmint. I want to die.
"This is Max. My boyfriend. Max, this is Cricket Bell."


Hope you enjoyed! :)


  1. Well now that was awkward. Nice teaser. Going to have to read this one.

    Here's my TT: http://www.stuckinbooks.com/2011/07/teaser-tuesday-7-19-11.html


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