Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Teaser Tuesday

I know it's late but it's Tuesday none-the-less! So this week I read Breaking Point by Jess Bowen and I was blown away. I am in love with this book. Easily a favorite. My brain fails to understand why no one knows about, or why it has so few reviews on goodreads because it is amazing! Highly Suggested. So this week my teasers (yes, teasers b/c I want you all to go buy it!) will be from it.

"The sound of the waves was more soothing than any other sound in the world, save maybe the rain."
- 14

"'Why did you throw your shield up yesterday when we sparred?'

She smile. He was genuinely curious. 'Well, you didn't even flinch when I elbowed you in the stomach the other day, and to be quite honest, it hurt my arm. So you can understand why having a boulder thrown at me would cause self-preservation to kick in.'"
- 163

"That was Lucy's tactful way of saying 'In case you feel like murdering Kali tonight, we are making sure you don't break your ankle in the process."
- 286

"Dorian growled and started pacing. With every touch, a thousand knives made the burning worse. Phoebe wasn't sure if she was even still breathing. Everything was blurred as she shook uncontrollable. Then she felt ripping, horrible aweful ripping, pulling her skin away. The burning raged out of control. She screamed. Dorian's carfully controlled, reined-in emotions broke free of their cage, and everything went black."
- 182

"*He* sucked in a deep breathe, and his hands trapped her face between them. His lips became hard and urgent against hers as a noise of longing and pleasure escaped his throat. Without even thinking, Phoebe responded. Her lips moved urgently and desperately with his, and she locked her arms around his neck and molded her body to his. Fire burned through her, even while channeling his talent. Her emotions were vibrant and alive. She needed this; she wanted this.

'Not him,' a voice whispered in her ear. 'He's your friend, not the one
you love.'"
- 367

That's all folks; hope ya enjoyed! :)


  1. GAH! the last one is a killer! AN ABSOLUTE KILLER!!!


  2. @brooke hahaha I know i'm sorry! I even blocked out his name with the word HE so you have to figure out for yourself who kisses her. LOLOLOL I'm evil :)

  3. Haha I was gonna say the same...

    the last one... D:

    Jeez, I hope no friend gets his heart broken ):

    *adds to "to-read" list*


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