Friday, June 3, 2011

Photography Friday

>> So damn cute! :)

> this is exactly how I want JACE to look.

Favorites? :)


  1. aw, the 2nd to last one is absolutely adorable! i want a boy like that! :)

    plus when i come over to your house we are going to make candy hearts like the last picture & read books with your kitties! kay? kay!

  2. Wow! Just when I think the photo is the best, I see the next one and am blown away. They are all great pics, but I find myself drawn to the kitten and the candy heart. Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  3. @brooke - YES we will!! and my kittens will LOVE to join :) so will me dog! lol :) and I know isn't that 2nd to last one SO cute?!

    ChrisS- Thank you for looking at them!! :) and the kitten ones are both adorable :) and I LOVE that candy haha

  4. You have a great eye for cute pics, i just left a comment on another post when i saw the kitten and went awwwww...
    The girl boy one and the candy heart is also extremely lovable, if only all the guys i know were like that!

    Will be looking for more cutsie pics in the future!
    Imo :D


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