Monday, February 28, 2011

Music Monday ♫

This song just recently came out and I adore it.

You Me At Six & Chiddy - Rescue Me

"And I've been drowning in my own sleep.
And I feel a hate crashing over me, so rescue me."

And Next... is two songs from one of my favorite bands! :)

Before Their Eyes - Sing To Me

- Just a side note.. the play count on my itunes for this song is 536. :) obsessed much? Yep, and I think I already posted this song. But this is the official vid and well as we established, I adore this song.

"Would you sing to me?
Cause I can feel a part of me is starting to break
And when you are away from me it's harder to breathe."

NEXT... Before Their Eyes - Why 6 is Afraid of 7
"There's no looking back, live for right now."

- Side note... at 52 seconds how HOT is dude all the way to the left? damn sauce.

Whatcha all think? Enjoy! :)

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