Friday, October 8, 2010

Thank You! :)

So lately, in the book sphere, I've been very, very grateful. So I wanted to give a special thanks out to a few people who've been extremely kind and awesome!

Firstly, I want to thank Carol! From Carol's prints (
- Thank you so much for my copy of "Speak" that I won! I can not wait to read it. Your blog is so well put together, it's great to read your updates all the time! You are such a kind soul for everything you do in the blogsphere! :)

Next, I want to thank Bree Despain!
- Thank you so so much for the awesome TDD might be a movie someday giveaway! I am exstatic that I've won a signed copy of "The Lost Saint", just so stoked! Plus I get to wear beautiful blue nail polish to match! :) Thank you so much for writing awesome books and just being fantastic to your readers! :)

Finally, I want to thank Jennifer Laurens!
- Firstly, I want to thank you for the amazing blogmania giveaway you had, that I won! I was soooo excited I won and all the goodies are amazing!! :) I'm so happy I have two signed books from you now! (I just need to get Absolution signed... hmmm! haha). Your series is one of my favorites and I just love, love, looove the books! You write amazingly, and I just wanted to say Thank You for being you!

I've just been very grateful and happy lately due to amazing books, authors, and people. So I wanted to give a Thank You to all those awesome people who've made my past few weeks even better (because they haven't been the best)! So, Thank you so much! :)

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  1. You're such a sweetheart! Thank you for being such a kind blogger yourself! And congratulations on all your wins!


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