Monday, September 27, 2010

New Covers!

First off I have to start with SLICE OF CHERRY.

This cover is just gorgeous! Tea cups and blood?! Like come on! Brilliant. If you want to see the whole cover (front & back) + an excerpt of chapter 1 head on over to and check it out! It's amazing!

Next, is FOREVER.

I love the red! I think it fits so well. I love how on the Shiver we see Sam as a Wolf, then on the Linger cover it's both Wolf and Grace walking away, and now on Forever it's Grace wolf and human Sam. Beautifully done if you ask me!

I can not wait to read both books! :)


  1. Oh man, love these covers! That first one is eerie, isn't it?? I'm so intrigued!!

  2. I really like the red cover. I think it might be my favorite of the three. I still have to read Linger though, I'm SO behind.


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